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Securely coordinate closed-loop referrals and share trusted resources.

The Unite Us Platform meets organizations where they are, making it easier than ever to connect people to the care they need—when and where they need it. Whether your client needs food support, housing assistance, employment services, or more, trusted services are only a few clicks away.

Built to meet you where you are and scale as you grow

We know that social care requires more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The Platform allows organizations to decide what makes the most sense for the care team and the individual being served. Partners can participate in whatever way works best for them, including:

  • Personalized resource recommendations
  • Secure closed-loop referrals
  • Options for web-based or integrated solutions
  • Unique workflows tailored to the populations served

Build a bridge between
health and social care

Through our Platform, partners across government, healthcare, and community-based organizations can send and receive secure electronic referrals in a coordinated care network. In this centralized model, network partners can track every step of the health journey of the people they serve—beyond their four walls. Key benefits include:

  • There is no wrong door for anybody seeking services. Through the Platform, network partners can intake clients, perform the necessary screening, and make referrals to a trusted partner best suited to serve the client’s needs.
  • Partners involved in a person’s care will have visibility into whether or not the referral is accepted, whether or not services were received, and what happened as a result. With the Platform, you can dive deeper into what “resolved” or “unresolved” actually means with 740+ unique outcomes to choose from.

Unlock Efficient, Impactful Care Coordination

Address social care needs without leaving your EHR, case management system, or population health management system. Unite Us uses industry standards to build best-in-class solutions that are efficient, secure, and optimized for your unique workflows.

Seamless Integrations:

Easily share resources or initiate a referral for a client without ever logging into another system. Connect the Platform with other systems, including Epic, Cerner, Salesforce, and more. We also offer data integrations with systems owned by state agencies, MCOs, and HIEs, as well as with the United Way’s National Data Platform.

Built-in Screenings:

Built-in screening tools (including PRAPARE, HealthLeads, and CMS AHC) match clients with organizations that can serve their needs.

Comprehensive Data:

Robust dashboards calculate meaningful metrics and display powerful visualizations based on Platform activity to help you assess trends, track performance, and quantify the impact of your work. In addition, our Data Delivery product allows you to analyze your organization’s activity in the Platform at an even more granular level to better understand your impact on the communities you serve.

Supporting National Data Standards

  • Unite Us supports the collection of standardized social care data in alignment with the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), supporting data exchange via HL7/FHIR for patients’ clinical information, ASC X12 837 file format for claims data, and the Human Service Data Specifications (HSDS) for resource information.
  • Our Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) reflects a client’s longitudinal care journey and allows for secure information exchange across organizations serving shared patients. This supports trauma-informed care delivery while allowing for robust analysis of impact.
  • We also proudly partner with the leading industry groups driving national interoperability and secure social care data exchange standards, including The Gravity Project, The Sync for Social Needs Coalition, and SHIFT.

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