Sfax: Second Death In The Region

Sfax: Second Death In The Region

On Friday evening, March 27, 2020, a COVID19 patient  died  in the isolation department of the University Hospital Habib Bourguiba.

This is the second death case in the region (Sfax), after the first case of the infected patient originally from Mahress region, according to what was reported by the regional director of health of Sfax Ali El Ayadi.   

It is  important to note  that the total number of confirmed injuries in the state of Sfax reached 11 cases, including the two deaths (out of 119 analyzes that have taken place since the start of the investigation in the region).

 This brings  the total number of deaths to 7  victims of the emerging coronavirus in our country.

The Ministry of health relies on the understanding  of citizens in this delicate health condition to take collective responsibility and commitment to self and public health quarantine to counter the spread of the new coronavirus.