Fake News Check: Tunisia gradually lifting quarantine starting from April 20th

Fake News Check: Tunisia gradually lifting quarantine starting from April 20th

From the  children being immune from COVID19 to the governament's moving towards lifting quarantine gradually in Tunisia , fake news about COVID-19,  are flooding the internet as we scramble to make sense of a crisis that has wrought havoc around the world.

Various Websites, popular Facebook pages and many  people on social media  have circulated news of quarantine uplift and the return of some sectors to work starting from April 20, 2020.

The concerned industries with the gradual raising are  food providers, barbershops, and stores selling materials and crafts such as carpentry, blacksmithing, mechanics and some factories Vitality. The news were widely circulated on Facebook and people began talking about  the quarantine lifting  as if it were true.

After the Media's advisor to the Prime Minister Adnan bin Youssef denial of these news and making a statement on the matter :   

It was not issued by any official authority in the government or in the country. These news are not true and until now, no one knows when we will gradually or completely lift the quarantine and when work will return. All these matters are still under study at all levels.

He added that the government is working on scenarios to raise or loosen the quarantine , but the exact  date for that has not yet been determined, stressing that: 

A decision of this importance must be based mainly on a decision by the Scientific Council of Health, which provides the government with its reading of the general epidemiological situation in the country.

Mr. Adnan bin Youssef assured that if the scientific council included in its report the presence of risks and fears of an imporant rise  in the number of cases infected with Corona virus and the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the government will not reduce the quarantine, and  he recommended the  gradual lifting of the quarantine only if it is no longer a risk to people's health and well being.

In the meantime and as public fear and uncertainty grow with the rise in  confirmed cases all over the world  we are becoming increasingly susceptible to these wildly false  claims that tap into our urgent need for the latest information about how to protect ourselves and our families.

We can not stop the Corona pandemic but we can stop the fake news pandemic.