A “piece of peace” standing bravely in the face of threats

A “piece of peace” standing bravely in the face of threats

Twin Suicide bombing targetting Tunisia

Thursday 27th of June was apparently another normal day for Tunisians in the hustle and bustle of life.Well,not until an explosion is heard near one of the most well known streets in Tunisia. The first suicide bombing was in front of a police station on Street Charles de Guaulle. It targetted police officers causing the death of one and injury of others.Later on, on the same day another suicide bombing occured  targetting once again policeman.

The death toll was 1 person and 8 other injured and transferred to hospitals. Following these two incidents,security measures were taken. The security was tightened in places such as the airport…

A peaceful day was turned to one of the dreadful memories but Tunisians decided to put their forces together. In fact they decided to spread messages of love and unision facing these acts of terrorism. A lot of positive messages were circulated on social media.

Tunisia is a “piece of peace” and it will always remain one.Rest in peace our martyr and Hero Mahdi Zamali.

Together we stand for peace and love.

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