Tunisia Election:  Early Results Indicate Big Win for Kais Saied

Tunisia Election: Early Results Indicate Big Win for Kais Saied


Atypical, unique, and unprecedented are a few words to describe the situation in Tunisia after the exit poll results in the Second  round of the early presidential elections organized on October 13 , 2019.

Tunisia remains a democratic island in the region since 2011. Both its neighbors and partners want to see this unique democratic experience lay down the foundation for a more stable and prosperous country .

The preliminary results given by  EMrhod Consulting earlier tonight show that Qais Saied won the second round of the presidential election with 72.5 % of the vote, while his rival Nabil Karoui got 27.5% of the vote.

In the first round of the presidential election, Qais Sa'eed came first with 18.4 percent, while Nabil Karoui came second with 15.5 percent.

Election day went by without any incidents according to the  ISIE .

Polling took place in a peaceful and orderly environment. Both national and international observers reported the transparency and the integrity of the electoral contest. Despite a few loopholes in the legal system, some concerns regarding candidates’ level of media access, and the coverage of the electoral campaign; the election ran smoothly.


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