CBDC : Rumor or Fact ?

CBDC : Rumor or Fact ?

In light of media discussions and the BCT ( Central Bank of Tunisia) refuting the rumors concerning the adoption of digital currency, Universa issued a Press Release clarifying the ambiguities and doubts concerning the CBDC (Centrally Backed Digital Currency) in Tunisia.

Alexander Borodich, the CEO of Universa, answers the questions provoked in media:

Has Tunisia approved the CBDC yet?

Tunisia hasn’t announced approving it as CBDC indeed. We (Universa), though, launched the backend uDinar network live, not as some kind of demonstration, but as working and maintained product. On the 7th November Universa Hub Africa have launched uDinar, backed by Tunisian Dinar, as a Proof-of-Concept.

Is CBDC a still possible project?

The BCT is still at an early stage of studying and researching the possibility of launching the CBDC including other alternatives to digitize the economy and the payment methods in Tunisia. BCT has no contractual aspect on CBDC with Universa Hub Africa.

What about the announcement that took place at the Forex Club Tunisie Congress?

Universa Hub Africa was invited as a tech partner to showcase its project at the Forex Club Tunisie Congress. No question of CBDC emission related to uDinar was discussed at the Forex Club Tunisie Сongress.

Social Media misinterpreted the articles following the POC (Proof Of Concept) where a symbolic transfer of one Dinar from the central bank’s head, Marouane El Abassi to an International Monetary Fund representative took place at the Congress.


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