Elyes Fakhfakh: Tunisia is taking measures for phase 3 of the epidemic COVID-19!

Elyes Fakhfakh: Tunisia is taking measures for phase 3 of the epidemic COVID-19!

The head of government, Elyes Fakhfakh addressed the Tunisian people, this Friday March 13, 2020, announcing that Tunisia will take the measures of prevention of the epidemic relating to phase 3, although Tunisia is only at the phase 2 of the epidemic.  

Elyes Fakhfakh indicated that the measure of self-isolation and its strict observance is the only way to fight against the Coronavirus, Covid 19. "The problem is that we have found that some people do not comply with the measures of self-isolation, this is why we are going to take strict sanctions against all those who do not comply with the measures of self-isolation ”.

The head of government said that the council of ministers meeting yesterday decided the following measures:

- The closure of all maritime borders - The suspension of air links with Italy. In the case of France, only one daily flight is maintained. As for Egypt, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, only one weekly flight is maintained.

All those entering Tunisian territory must comply with self-isolation measures for 14 days.

- Cancellation of all cultural events as well as scientific meetings, fairs and shows. - The closing of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs from 4 p.m.

- The suspension of collective prayers including that of Friday. - All matches and sporting events will take place behind closed doors.

Elyes Fakhfakh assured that these measures will enter into force from today and will continue until April 4, 2020, stressing that they will be able to be prolonged, just as they could be abridged, taking into account the evolution of the health situation in Tunisia.

Concerning the Education sector, the head of government indicated that all kindergartens, nurseries and private establishments will be closed until March 28, 2020, stressing that these deadlines may be revised according to the evolution of the situation. Public establishments are already on vacation.

We count on family solidarity, as well as that of the neighborhood, so that parents can continue their work. We also count on the conscience of Tunisians to respect the rules and hygiene measures. We call on the elderly and those at risk to limit their movements in order to reduce the risk of disease and contagion.

He said, ensuring that Tunisia has taken all these preventive measures and that the most important remains compliance with the instructions and rules imposed.