Eco camp day  5: Transcendance

Eco camp day 5: Transcendance


The final night of the camp was the craziest and everyone took full advantage of it; like it was the last night of their lives. Long discussions, stargazing, campfire on the beach, salty Ojjas, push up contest, etc. All fueled by the ever endless laughter that out-howled the wolves in the mountain.

As the first beam of the swerve light broke through the falling dew, eyes were open and minds woke. We decided to earn our breakfast by raging a war on plastic and anything that dared to reside in that hollow camp-ground. What I felt little bad for, were the bits of trash that were probably there for more than 10 years!

Many bags filled with garbage had been collected and then taken to their rightful resting place.

Afterwards, we feasted on our reward and started the scheduled training on First aid procedures. We are shown what to do facing dangers and how to drag the injured out of a collapsing space without hurting yourself. The trainer also stressed the priority of always protecting oneself before the place, the victims and even the injured; because if You get hurt, the rescue is aborted. The expert was able to show us other procedures despite the pressure of time.

Thereafter came Global Village presentations we got to know more about the mesmerizing places in Italy, the fresh weather in Denmark , the generous people of Turkey. Egypt and Algeria on the other hand got us into dancing their special traditional style; which may or may not included a sword duel.

While getting high on fun and joy, packing-time came and everyone, reluctantly, uninstalled their tents and said goodbye to the the trees that shielded them from the blazing heat and the earth on which the they rested their backs. We were able to steel some time before leaving to snap some selfies and collective pictures with everyone squeezing in one more memory that will be ever etched in our spirits.

One group after the other, we were untying the roots we grew into that special place and heading back to the RDV place with the heaviest feet and the most spiraling minds.


Article Written by : Oussama JaziriĀ 

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