First Impressions: Ecocamp Day One

First Impressions: Ecocamp Day One

While walking through the twisting streets downtown Tunis,  zigzagging around street vendors and illegally parked cars, inquiring eyes follow your odd figure, differently dressed and carrying, with no complaint, a heavy looking package like a working ant.

All the while, failing to decrypt the expression painted on your face: a face radiating with excitement, curiosity and adventure. 

Code Camper was activated.

You reach El Habib Bourguiba boulevard and the sensation of not belonging fades away as soon as you go pass the clock tower. Materializing under the shaded street, camp-ready individuals are congregating, surrounded by a soothing halo.. that of a community, this is where they belonged.

Whoever gets there, throw their load off within the collective puddle and start looking around for any familiar faces, now that the expressions are indistinguishable.

Everyone is in the Eco-camp spirit chatting, socializing and others saving their energy for the venture that awaits. First time Campers, second timers and others it just runs in their blood, all came from different regions and various countries.

Just as all communities, you start feeling included and the 3rd singular and plural personal pronouns turn into one 1st plural personal pronoun that unites the world.

Unsurprisingly, our unity extends limitlessly to include our love for camping and our heightened sense of awareness about the environment and all that is threatening its beauty and its vitality.

Those first hours of trip, despite some unforeseen delay and logistics, all is run smoothly as the glistening rivers and Oueds of Tabarka.

While we go deeper and further into the mesmerizing north-western part of Tunisia, the nature stretches and expands, the air freshens and the mood has started to go through a full metamorphosis.

All together are signs of a memorable experience and it’s just so thrilling to realize that “this is going to leave a mark, Eco Camp is launching.” 

Written by : Oussema Jaziri 


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