Hands and thoughts

Hands and thoughts

After a short, yet enough, a night of sleep, you wake up with nothing on your mind but the cool morning freshness filling up your lungs and a chill breeze of green chlorophyllic air softly caressing a million neurons on your face.

You decide to take a tour around enjoying the early birds chirping all around as the sun mixes us with micro water drops floating in the air replicating a sensation of birth. Your feet abduct you back to the place you belong, the faithful sea. You go up the hill reaching a narrow path of trees launching your spirit into the blue horizon laid in front of you. Some choose swimming and others turn to relaxation and meditation, but both magical sources of tranquility.

Back to the camp, we feasted on homemade Malawi and eggs on breakfast and they were all, as expected, delicious.

The educational part of the day kicked off soon after starting with a DIY workshop, led by the experienced Imen (Commit), in which participants got to think and recognize their daily difficulties and struggles and then given the chance to design and build solutions for them.

The inventions ranged from comfortable cushions to easily practical shower gadgets.

The following activity was more serious as teams were divided and various themes were selected for the next phase. That included SDGs 13, 14 and 15 dealing with climate action, life below water and life on land consecutively. The workshop was accomplished using the strategy of design thinking.

This is an approach to solving major problems and issues by dissecting them into smaller simpler ones. Teams were guided and supported by the facilitators to finish the morning session of with great but roughly framed projects. The most sensitive following step will be the pitch of those mere ideas in front of a jury to gain the opportunity to transform them into real-life actions.

Written by : Oussema AL Jaziri

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