Expectations : Eco Camp day 2

Expectations : Eco Camp day 2

Everyone had to walk through the side and dusty road up to the camping site, and it felt a fitting entrance for a such a majestic place. We got settled down and finally were able to breathe in the fresh damp air of wildness and serenity.

Campers took their time setting up the tents and others stood around learning how to. Meanwhile, the organization team reminded us of the common rules and practices and unofficially kicked start the camp.

While different equipment from lights, power supplies were being set and installed, some participants couldn’t resist the force of the sea 400 m away drawing them in. The beach was empty of people, full of garbage but was generously soothing and modestly indulging. 

We resumed the action after everyone go to savor a long awaited dinner. The kind locals were as generous as their region and prepared us some famous traditional couscous which was admired by both Tunisians and foreigners.

After resting for a bit, the main event went into full force with a small introduction to the Eco Camp idea and intended missions. With that, the beautiful Salma (PNUD) got us introduced into the SDGs and their significance in achieving world peace and prosperity. But not forgetting to highlight our role in connecting the dots of all the parameters and factors in order to get the wheels of change into motion. Next on the agenda was the ever resourceful Insaf (UW) who voiced the concerns of climate change threatening our own livelihood and all humanity’s future, unless real immediate measures are to be adopted to mitigate the dangerous effects of global warming; the facts were so damning and condemning, it got sarcastic.

The first night of the camp  ended calmly, peacefully, and many slept through the movie night which dragged many until 2 am. 

The second day, beginning at the first hours of the day, it will be the start of the competition that will  bring forward creative ideas around climate action.

WRITTEN BY : Oussama Jaziri 

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