Unite the World, Why?

Make it Educationally Better

We work on parallel education; participants in Unite the World get to find out about soft skills they would not learn in their academic life.

Make it Ecologically Better

One of the most important issues the world is facing today is climate change. That is why Unite the World works on educating people about ecological issues and try to find solutions for them.

Make it Socially Better

Learning about new cultures, sharing your own culture and discovering the differences between nations is the best way to develop a sense of tolerance and acceptance. Unite the World exposes its participants to a variety of cultures.

How Do We Do It?


Unite the World started with our 2018 summer camp in Tunisia. Our camps include a large variety of activities and workshops that allow each and every one of our participants to develop a sense of care towards the world and its issues.


Unite the World works on original ideas for conferences that expose anyone from different communities to understand what we work on and how we do it. Our first conference is called Unite the World Open Up which allows speakers to talk about what they're bad and how they got over it.

Much more!

We allow our alumni to organize events under the name of Unite the World. We provide monetary and logistical sponsorship for them and we help them go through the difficult parts of the organization.